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Gazelle Logistics Group can handle all of your logistics and warehouse needs including, but not limited to, sourcing of finished goods, packaging, kitting, storage, deliveries, and more. Contact customer service for pricing.


Whether large or small, Gazelle Logistics Group can handle your packaging and kitting needs. We can procure, assemble, and deliver your kits as needed. By outsourcing these projects to Gazelle, our customers have saved time and money while still meeting their organizational goals. 


With the help of our 50+ supplier partners, Gazelle Logistics Group can source any item ranging from pallets of copy paper to large HVAC units. Based on the needs of your project, these items can be stored in our warehouse and delivered on a just-in-time basis.


From van kits to large machine prep kits, Gazelle has experience to execute your custom needs. Send us your requirements and let us go to work for you.

Courier Services

With the help of our carrier partners, Gazelle Logistics can ship to anywhere in the regional US.  We provide a magnitude of last mile solutions  on business-to-business e-commerce order fulfillment, wholesale order fulfillment,  on-demand delivery, or reoccurring local deliveries. Whatever your need is, we have you covered. 

Courier Services
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